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OTHERS &ndash Cross cut and governance areas – Important cross cut issues such as DRR integration with health, educational and developmental programs, disability/gender/age/etc. inclusive approaches, using technology for accurate planning and early warning; adopting climate change & adaptation measures across its disaster management programs and projects as an institutional commitment;

  1. Quality Standard – EHA subscribes to the NGO Code of Conduct by IFRC, Sphere Minimum Standard and basic norms of Just and Fair in all its programs in all possible manners. The Emergency Response Framework of EHA defined all basic measures from Assessments to the point of Relief distribution. EHA continue to strive for maintaining quality standards in all areas of its programs and projects.

  2. Good governance – EHA is committed to ensure all decision-making processes of its programs/ projects done in just and fair basis through a proper systematic approach be it finance, documentation, purchase, recruitment, promotion/dissemination or in terms of training. The EHA ERF (Emergency Response Framework) was developed in the year 2011-2012 as a benchmark for its policy standard for disaster response program.

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