Emergency Response


  1. Disaster Response – EHA's disaster response is guided by its Emergency Response Framework (ERF) and on the basis of basic humanitarian principles, with the main objective to alleviate sufferings of disaster victim. EHA contributed toward the Code of Conduct in Disaster Relief. The focus is on the marginalized population in all terms- economic, religion, region, country, gender, age or disabilities.

  2. Real Time Emergency Response (RTER) – In this era of information explosion and fast food, adopting rtER is essential to save lives meaningfully faster with adequate response. EHA is committed to achieve real time emergency response, using training (QRT), smart technology and establishing disaster response network at the grass roots community level.

  3. Quality, Uniformity, Accountability and Transparency (QUAT) – To achieve effective and efficient delivery of disaster relief, EHA develop its own standards in alignment with the prevalent best practices in all these areas.

Disaster Management & Mitigation Unit
Emmanuel Hospital Association
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